Sexual Double Standards!

We are in a generation that wants to voice out everything even for the wrong reasons and most times we end up contradicting ourselves or having double standards as i like to term it.

Let’s start with Males. Y’all preach of how you want to wife a well mannered girl(‘decent dressing’, ‘good morals’)blah!blah!blah! But hey! You’re the same boys behind those chics who twerk their hearts out. So, enough that wifing good girls, marry that chic you spoilt by breaking her vaginity ama the one you chipo once in a while.

Enough with boys slut shaming girls. If Me having sex with two dudes makes me a whore, boy! You’re are a man whore too, for sexing more than ten girls. You’re not ‘cool’ or ‘the big man’ as you label yourselves, you’re are a MAN WHORE!

Lol, Females! Who said giving blow jobs and taking ‘it in’ anywhere else other than your vagina leaves you in the Virgin’s lists? Baby girl, be informed... Oral sex is still sex!

Enough with this statement from both genders, ‘i prefer lesbians to gays’, Yoh! What if we didn’t care about each other’s sexual preferences. Like, stop being bothered with me eating ass, it’s my thing, find yours and be satisfied!

Enough with sexual double standards!✌
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