I remember some time back my cousin and I were joking about what her daughter’s first words will be (Mommy or Daddie). Every time she talks of her daughter pride and joy fills her voice and I always notice the glow in her eyes. Guess that’s what most call fulfilment of Motherhood.

But then, girls reach a certain age where we antagonize our moms. We find them too much at everything they do to express their love for us. I personally for the longest time had the worst relationship with my mother.

Most girls don’t know how to communicate with their moms, especially when it comes to sexual health or boys. They tell us boys are bad and leave out in what context boys are bad, keeping it in mind our dads and brothers are boys, lol.

Looking back I think my teenage years would have been more fun and easy if my relationship with my mother was as good as we are right now. I built walls at a young age and shielded myself from her presence in my life. I relied on other people’s advice and lessons and denied both of us that luxury.

Funny thing is, as you mature up (won’t use ‘grow up’) we learn to appreciate more the things we took for granted when we didn’t know better. Right now I can’t afford to build walls between my mother and I. I want her involved in each step that i take in life, each day i strive to be a better version of myself just to make her proud. If she’s happy then my joy doubles. My relationship with her right now is how I pray my future generations and I will be.

It’s never too late to mend ways with our loved ones. But I wish i shared with my mom about my first periods (was in boarding school) and I also wish I started hugging her sooner (I’ll spend my lifetime compensating for the lost moments☺).

I’m dedicating this to Christine, the newest mom in town and also my cousin Grace. I pray that both of you will be the best moms to your little daughters. Don’t let tough love or adolescence come between you and my lovely nieces.

…“There’s no greater Love than a Mother’s Love.”…
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