For 11 years I was the only child, and dude! everything revolved around me. My best memory is of my dad, he never came back home without bearing goodies for his little princess. Si nilikula cadbury chocolates aki, plus every weekend being given 10bob to buy chips mwitu,,, lol.

Like how the Americans commemorate the 4th of July, the 5th of july is engraved at the back of my mind. It’s the fateful day that reminds me every year I have to be the best version of me, i have to be less selfish, I have to be selfless most of the times. Yes, the day my baby brother was born.

For the longest time i have struggled being the best big sister. We have fought, we have snitched on each other, we have felt as if either of our parents is favoring the other. Hehe, they call it sibling rivalry.

Now i kinda know how to go about the big sister title. I have learnt to sacrifice things for the happiness of my two siblings. Spending time with them even if it means teasing and being a little mean to them.*wink*

I hope in future my two siblings especially my brother, I will be part of their best childhood memories.

What are we without our siblings, regardless of our relationship with them?
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