Assignment 2: Mind Maps & Humorous Products

Do Something Fun
This week for my activity of “fun,” I did something that I normally wouldn’t do — I went to a nail salon and got my nails done. I’ve heard that manicures and pedicures can be soothing because all you have to do is sit back and relax. With a stressful week ahead of me, I gathered a few friends and we went together. Staring at the shelves of nail polish in seemingly every single color and shade, it was definitely fun deciding which color and style each person suited. You can tell that I don’t do this often because I ended up choosing a simple french manicure in the simplest color: white. The last time I went to the nail salon was for my JUNIOR PROM which was in 2012, almost 4 years ago!
Mind Map (Image)
I did not sketch my mind map on paper, I created it directly using the digital tool we were given in class.
Mind Map (Digitization)
Suggested Themes
  1. Sleep — This is an important sub-theme to explore because mental and physical health can be affected by how much sleep an individual gets. Also, everyone needs it!
  2. Kitchen Sanitation — This would be an interesting sub-theme because it is one of the rooms with the most bacteria and waste. Improving this area of the house would lead to great changes in the health of every family member.
  3. Time Management — A balanced life leads to a healthier lifestyle, and with busy schedules in a fast-paced world, it’s hard to keep track of every single thing. This would be a good topic to create a unique product that would help improve the well-being of stressed and unorganized people.
10 Silly Ideas
Idea #1: Rug to clean smelly feet (“Rug Scrub”)
Idea #2: Schedule Watch (“Watch Your Schedule”)
Idea #3: Locked tennis shoes (“Fastened”)
Idea #4: Shower automatic checklist (“Bubble Check”)
Idea #5: Mini-er fridge lunch box (“Mini-er Fridge”)
Idea #6: Study buddy bag (“Self-Work”)
Idea #7: Smart water bottle (“Hydration”)
Idea #8: Message mirror (“Message mirror”)
Idea #9: Squeezable toothbrush (“Squeezey”)
Idea #10: Stress ball computer mouse (“Press, sure”)
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