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Me playing Pinocchio in the musical Shrek my sophomore year.

When hearing about this digital story project, I thought of many few things to write about. Things that could show my strengths and weaknesses. Things that could show my interests and hobbies. Although, these things in general were things to describe who I am. These things made me initially reflect on how far I've actually come to be the person I am today. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true and to that, I say that for my digital story I would like choose my ambition for acting. It probably doesn’t come to that of a surprise after seeing the image above that I was in theater. However, there’s more to the picture than one may know. In the picture above I see a once frightened boy turned gold. I see a wooden boy becoming a real one.

Furthermore, I chose this as my digital story as it best describes how I left my comfort zone and tried something completely new by myself. I created many new bonds with people I thought i’d never talk to. Some of my greatest friends actually come from the fact that we did musicals together. Although I may sort of know where i’m steering, i’m still brainstorming as to how I will put this together. However, I feel it won’t be that hard to find information for this project since I experience it and am hoping to audition for some shows coming up.

Questions related to my topic as of now could be simple things like how I actually got interested in acting. Or if anything how I auditioned for my first auditions. Although I do have a passion for acting, I don’t currently think of it to be a major yet since it’s only something that seems a bit of a hobby. This is due to the fact that I don’t think i’ll be well off financially if I go major into theater arts. Concluding, I feel more geared towards this idea as my digital story as it provides great insight as to who I am.

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