Writing custom lint rules and integrating them with Android Studio inspections, or @CarefulNow…
Adam Buicke

Hi Adam, an extremely helpful article! Thank you.
I do have a general question regarding the capabilities of such a procedure.
Does this also allow me to check during compile time, whether a specific method was called some where in my code?
I’ll give an example:
In my project I must make sure all timestamps are set using System.currentTimeMillis() and nothing but that. So if a new developer at some point needs to generate a timestamp, he will be forced to use System.currentTimeMillis and not, location.getTimestamp() (from Android’s LocationManager) for instance. 
Or maybe I should ask if it is possible to make sure during compile time that a certain method was not called. Or if it was called, fail compilation. Does LINT provide such functionality in any way?

Thank you!

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