We have added a new FAQ page on the swap..kindly visit the section often to get answers to questions and feel free to contact us if you encounter difficulties..
To see the page
Click “info” on the side bar and select “FAQ”

Hello vangoldians, in celebration of our farming and staking website, we have decided to host a meme contest..

1. Follow vangold token on twitter https://twitter.com/vangoldtoken
2. Subscribe to our youtube channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCpRE6nyI3DVxIYz6uDBJwkw
3. Repost, like and retweet pinned tweet on twitter
4. Make 2 or more memes about either vangold token or vangold swap and comment on the pinned post with it.

🌕 The best memes and the repost with most retweets will be chosen

🥇First Prize ~ 30 VSWAP

🥈 Second Prize ~ 20 VSWAP

🥉Third Price ~ 10 VSWAP


Hello everyone concerning the LP TOKENS for staking and farming

These are the procedures to add LP TOKENS to be able to stake and farm VSWAP on vangoldswap.finance

1. Visit pancakeswap.finance official webpage.
2. Connect Your Wallet.
3 Click menu and look for Liquidity link
4. Click on the Liquidity link.
5. Click Add Liquidity to add your choice LP TOKENS you want to use to farm VSWAP.
6. Put/add in the amount of tokens you want to use to farm VSWAP.
7. Click SUPPLY button to add your tokens to LP.
8. Go to vangoldswap.finance to use the LP TOKENS you SUPPLY on pancakeswap.finance to stake on vangoldswap.finance/farms

Please make sure you are on pancakeswap V2 when you are adding liquidity on pancakeswap.finance
Thank you and GoodLuck

Beware of scammers

VGD - VSWAP to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

For those who already added liquidity on vangoldswap.finance and unable to stake.

Follow these steps

1. Visit pancakeswap.finance official webpage.
2. Connect Your Wallet.
3 Click menu and look for V1 Liquidity (Old) link
4. Click on the V1 Liquidity (Old) link.
5. Click Continue to V1 anyway.
6. Go to where it says:
Don't see a pool you joined? Import it.
7. Click on the Import it text link
8. Add the LP TOKENS you add on vangoldswap.finance
9. After adding go back to step 1 and 2 then go to menu click on V1 Liquidity (Old) again.
10. You will see remove LP TOKENS…


The long awaited farming/staking platform is LIVE..with APR of over 1000 % and you can get more VGD through the platform thank you ❤️❤️

Website: https://vangoldswap.finance





VangoldSwap: the cutest AMM exchange on binance Smart chain💛

Vswap is now live on pancakeswap

SC: 0x2Ed7cbfFEf349A56F8600dbE86E9392E400EDBc1

Website link will be coming shortly

VangoldSwap (VSWAP) is live on dxsale 🔥🔥🔥🔥

The reason for the short pancake liquidity unlock date is because we will be moving liquidity to vangold swap after a month..Thank you for participating

Vswap presale is live on dxsale 🏆🏆🏆use the link below to join

https://t.co/ZvX9wouPsY https://t.co/5G65MtArNq

Vswap presale will be live soon.❤️❤️❤️🏆🏆 https://t.co/o5ZQCF6B1j


Vangold token is one of the worlds first blockchain based freelancer token on the binance chain network, which is fully decentralized and smart contract support

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