Where Can I Find Someone to Adopt My Baby in Tennessee?

Vanguard Media
Mar 5, 2019 · 3 min read

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, it is comforting to know there are many wonderful families who want to adopt. The first step is to contact a reliable adoption agency in Tennessee. They will support you through your adoption journey and create an adoption plan with you. This includes choosing a family for your baby. Selecting a permanent home for your child can be intimidating. There are so many options, it can get overwhelming. So, I have created a list of important factors to consider to help you narrow down the choices, and find the one that is right for your baby.

Safety and Security

One of the biggest concerns birth moms have is, “Will my child be safe?” Of course we all want to find a home where we know the children are secure and happy. The best way to ensure this is to go through a licensed adoption agency. They are required to do extensive background checks,on adoptive couples. They interview them and even go into the home to do a “home study.” Rest assured, a quality agency has done the work to make sure all adoptive families are qualified and able to raise a child.

Identify the Most Important Qualities

What characteristics are you looking for in an adoptive family? Perhaps you want your child raised in a home where creativity is appreciated. Or maybe you want a very career focused parent. Figuring out what values you want your child raised with will help you find a family who shares those ideals. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a certain religious or political affiliation that you want your child raised in?
  • What type of family structure do you want? Would you prefer a traditional couple, LGBT couple, or even a single parent household? How about siblings, do you want your baby to have brothers and sisters or would you prefer an only child scenario?
  • What type of education do you want the parents to have?
  • Where do you want the child to live? Would you like your child raised on a farm, or perhaps in a big city?

Know Your “Absolutely Nots”

What factors disqualify a family? Decide what qualities you want to avoid in an adoptive family. For example if you don’t want your baby in daycare or cared for by a nanny, you can disqualify adoptive families that would use these childcare options. Knowing what you don’t want is as important as knowing what you do want.

Type of Adoption

There are various levels of openness in adoption. This refers to the contact you have with the child and adoptive family after the adoption is final. You want to make sure the couple is in agreement with your desired level of contact, if any. Some birth moms prefer to have no communication with the family, and that is perfectly fine. Whatever you want, just select a family that you trust will respect your wishes. This is where meeting the family before placing the child is very helpful. Few things are more telling than “gut feelings.” Take time to meet your perspective family and get to know them. Trust your judgement above all else.

Lastly, remember that no one is perfect. All humans are flawed. You are not looking for perfection, but rather a great home for your baby. While there are numerous people decide to adopt, infertility certainly tops the list. Research shows that 12% of women (7.3 million) in the United States aged 15 to 44 suffer from some form of infertility (Chandra, Martinez, Mosher, Abma, & Jones, 2005), and approximately 35% of women will experience a period of infertility at some point during their lifetime (J. McQuillan, Greil, White, & Jacob, 2003). This is a huge number of women who are unable to get pregnant, and many of them are grateful for the opportunity to be considered as a prospective adoptive parent. There is certainly no shortage of families able and willing to adopt your baby.

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