Eulogy To A Best Friend
I haven't admitted this when you are able to be touched physically but now when you exist only in my memories, i ought to say this. There's no one anymore to take up my half consumed frappucino and there will no more be spilled coke or half torn papers in my room. You stood for me in every corner of my life. How dare you leave me all alone by myself in this wicked world. I'm walking around with just one shoe. I'm half a heart without you. My arms became lonely now. They are just made to hold you tight but now they lost their only job.
I used to laugh crazily looking back at those idiotically insane memories. But now I can't end up without breaking down into a bottle of tears.
You are the only one who listened to my stupid jokes with utmost insanity and accepted my abnormal verbal exchange which I could confront only in front of you. But now when someone cracks a joke I'd be wandering in a parallel space with you imagining all the stuff we do if your heart hadn't ceased. People are trying to cheer me up now but they don't know the fact that I could no more be me without you. I'm physically living here but not soulfully.
And there's no one anymore for me to give you-are-insane look. You are one of the beautiful things that has ever happened to me in my life. I've never thought that I would live in a world without you. But yes you made me do that and I hate you for that one particular reason. You are my best friend forever and no one can substitute you. I love you so much and i miss you.
Living in your thoughts.
Love you my unbiological sibling!
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