Stop listening to others and start caring for yourself.

I deleted all the words from before. I decided that, if I am going to write about really anything… it should be a Topic that concerns me and may help others. The Letter I and the Expression I is pretty horrible, if it repeats itself again and again and again. However, if you feel that you are going through a rough time… just hear me out.

I am sorry for you. If you are having a hard time, deciding what to do next with your life… because, other people are trying to tell you…

WHO TO BE and WHAT TO BE and of course they are not leaving the part out of telling you WHAT TO DO.

If you are at Home just thinking about what other people think about YOU and what YOU should do to to make THEM happy than you are clearly in a wrong place. Therefore, I am also sorry to inform you that the chances of you being miserable for a much longer time are pretty — high.

Happiness, does really start with Yourself.

So stop, wondering what makes other people happy. They may care.. they may even care a lot about you. BUT, they can not change YOU or make YOU grow. That is YOUR task.

So start making a List of Goals that will make YOU happy and start chasing your own Dreams. I am talking about things that you have planned for the Future or maybe you are deciding to get a New Job or you may be deciding if you want to make a Relationship work or not.

People will always talk. People will always judge you for your Decisions. They may even stop talking to you. People around you will always have a better opinion how you should live your life.

— And that is the MAIN POINT it is YOUR life. There is nothing wrong with chasing your own Dreams. If you fall, you will get up again. The worst that can happen is that you fail and then? You will be happy that you tried and that will make you happy again. Because, who really regrets going after something you are passionate about?

Be yourself and believe in yourself. I am sure everything will work out. That’s all.