My definition of traveling in Ciudad De Mexico

One day down in Mexico City and seven more to go. I don’t know how I will manage to stay somewhat healthy for seven more days of eating what I’ve ate today. I had every spectrum of tacos out there in the city, street breakfast tacos, chicken tacos dorados, fish tacos, and more tacos. All accompanied with a variation of delicious “jugos frescos”, and some even mixed with Mezcal. See what I mean now?

Besides eating all day long, I’ve been thinking about two types of travelers:

The ones that plan every detail of their trips and like to squeeze as many activities as possible in their days. Frequently asking “where to next?”


The ones that don’t plan a thing. Buying a flight to the place of visit is as far as they’ll go. Frequently answering “not sure yet, but might go to..”

I find myself in the middle leaning heavily towards the non-planner tourist. And in this same thought, I realize how much I’ve come to dislike the word tourist.

I looked it up on the dictionary and tourist is defined as a person who is visiting a place for pleasure. Reinforcing my feeling that I am not a tourist. I don’t travel just for pleasure, I travel to see with my eyes and experience through my body the beauty of the world, to learn about how others live and reflect on my personal life, to learn through spoken words and eaten foods. So, I’ve decided to create my own definition to define who I am, I am a travel·seer. A combination of a traveler — someone who often travels and a sightseer — someone who goes sightseeing. Both active words.

Regardless if you are a planner or a non-planner travelseer, being flexible is important in truly achieving a sense of satisfaction on trips. I became aware of this even more today as we roamed the city.

Last night, we planned to visit the Anthropology Museum. Having a direction was keen to starting our day and being at the right place at the right time. My favorite part about my day was not only the hour walk to the museum or the amazing museum itself, which I recommend everyone to visit, but randomly meeting a design professor from Pittsburgh who was friendly enough to share his tour guide with us. We learned so much about the history of Mexico with the guide and even learned how to pronounce all the indigenous words correctly, like Chalchiuhtlicue or Tenochtitlan. Give it a try. This visit was even more sweet by the unexpected meeting with my former colleague and friend in the city. She happens to also be visiting Mexico at the same time.

Today, was a day full of adventures. As we walked through random neighborhoods, ate at random restaurants, cut my hair short, visited a gorgeous bookstore. I realize that the beauty of it all is in the unexpected mixed with the planned.

— V

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