Illustration by Vania Vananina. All rights reserved.

21 Good Reasons Why You Should Wear Overalls

  1. You can carry around snacks ( I can’t stress enough the importance of this)
  2. You can store your phone/iPod and listen to music on the go
  3. You can also carry around the following:
  • Paint brushes
  • Pens a/o sharpies
  • Tissues
  • A small sandwich
  • Keys
  • A hamster

4. It looks like you have a farm and the lovely charming farm life that goes with it

5. They are super comfortable

6. They make a whole outfit

7. Major 90’s nostalgia

8. You can feel like a preschooler again

9. You can get paint/ink/wheat paste all over them and it’s OK

10. So many pockets!

11. You can wear pajamas underneath

12. You can wear nothing underneath

13. You are always craft ready

14. It looks like you are working on a fun house project

15. No need to iron or spot cleaning

16. It looks like you have an interesting alternative lifestyle (Best case scenario)

17. Great for panting

18. Great for gardening

19. Great for dancing

20. You can keep your arms and hands warm if you put them inside

21. They are like an adult onesie: Comfortable, fun and makes you look cute

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