KARATCOIN — Asset-coding of gold in the future

For a long time, gold has been considered one of the precious metals and is of greatest interest because of their prominent role in the world of investment and consumption. Gold is no longer the main currency in the developed world, but the value of gold has a strong impact on the value of currencies. However, the gold market today has some defects that can not be overcome. For example, it is not possible to trade immediately if the geographic distance between supply and demand is far apart … By using Blockchain technology, Karatcoin will address the backlog of traditional gold markets.

What is Karatcoin?

Karatcoin creates a platform combining centralized and decentralized markets based on Blockchain technology, creating a multi-functional project that combines all gold investors, gold mining companies and business assets. into a single blockchain ecosystem. A more sustainable, transparent and reliable ecosystem.

Karatcoin will change the gold market by focusing on decentralization, so that everything will be safe and secure.

This solution Blockchain intelligent and decentralized world first for v Ang.

Special features:

  • Karatcoin breaks geographic boundaries in gold trading. When gold turns into gold coded, you can redeem gold from anywhere in the world right away. That is what the traditional gold market can never do. As a result, transportation costs and associated taxes are reduced. Gold is stored where they are produced.
  • Safe gold storage in your wallet at Karat Blockchain, gold is safe from political influence with a guarantee to get higher value over time.
  • Karatcoin is authorized DPoS for better performance, effective quality control and less power consumption than other blockchain consensus. This means that the experiment will take less time, meaning less power consumption and more security.
  • Karatcoin is less volatile than other electronic currencies, because it is indirectly linked to a real, recognized, and liquid-world asset.

How does Karatcoin work?

In order to ensure the above features, Karatcoin must build a closely interlinked ecosystem. Some core ecosystem functions include:

- Direct link to gold mine:

The foundation of Karatcoin will be linked directly to gold mines around the world. Karatcoin also announced that it would invest directly in gold mines, without intermediaries involved in the process.

- Bond yields range from 5 to 6%:

Karatcoin will issue a “Karatcoin Gold Asset Certificate” with different maturities. These bonds will pay 5–6% of their yields depending on their growth. There are many options for bond maturities that correspond to rising interest rates. Profits are paid every six months until maturity.

- Intelligent contract:

The agreement between Karatcoin and the investor will be governed by smart contracts.

Basically, Karatcoin will keep you gold, and then you can maintain the digital control of that gold through products such as gold cards and gold certificates.

Web-based applications


Karatcoin will create a decentralized gold market application by allowing gold traders and suppliers to set up transaction tokens, creating a stable and highly liquid market.


September 2017 — Start developing the Karatcoin platform. 
January 2018 — Research and Development. 
March 2018 — Create white paper. 
March 2018 — Make a business plan for the project. 
July 2018 — Sale before the project with 30% promotion. 
August 2018 — A full test of the application of the application 
September 2018 — ICO Public Scheme, bonuses beginning with 16% September 2018 — Blockchain Development 
October 2018–1 ° Saft distributes physical gold 
November 2018 — Starts the selection of mines that meet the requirements. 
March 2019 — Launch of full range of Karatcoin products.

For more information, visit:

Visit: https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale
Website: https://karatcoin.co
Whitepaper link: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/karatcoin.co/files/docs/KC_WP.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4932340
Telegram: https://t.me/KaratcoinGroup

Author : Vaniayoanda
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