Summer eating made nutritious!

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Summer is a time for family, vacations and barbeques. In all our excitement, we tend to miss out on regular routines and fail to make healthy food choices. I recommend we plan ahead and be mindful of our choices to stay well nourished and fit all through summer!

Some simple tips:

Foods from all food groups
  1. Enjoy fresh produce like tomatoes, greens, peppers, watermelon, oranges and raspberries. All these form a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Throw them into a bowl of salad and you could have some interesting combinations. These fruits and vegetables are must haves for the summer.
  2. Quench your thirst with plenty of water. As you keep your self-busy with different outdoor activities this summer, it is important to stay hydrated at regular intervals. Squeeze in a slice of lemon to the water to enhance the flavor.
  3. Go Lean. Focus on lean meats like skinless chicken breasts and turkey. Fresh seafood like tilapia, tuna, salmon and shrimp are always good choices. Grilling or low fat cooking of these meats is the recommended and healthier option.
  4. Accessorize. Whole-wheat buns or bread and quinoa are good gratifying options to complete the burger/ sandwich or salad without compromising on taste. Don’t forget to try out grilled/steamed corn with a squeeze of lemon — a personal barbeque favorite.
  5. Don’t forget to snack. During your busy schedule, snacks like yogurt, fruit, hummus with pita chips, trail/nut mixes and finger foods like baby carrots or cucumbers are easy to carry and healthy.
  6. Make most of the great weather to stay active. Get a jog/walk around the lake or the park, swim or participate in outdoor games. Make this a family activity and make it a fun event.
Summer activities

Have a fun-filled, healthy and active summer!

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