Matka- earthen pot, they call me. As the spring season knocked today, on the occasion of Gudi Pawdwa (The Hindu new year) a new matka was brought to quench the thirst of my family for the coming scorching summer. It seemed as the new matka had brought a key to the vault of my memories. As it was being filled with water, my mind took off for a ride. A ride to the journey that I had lived.

A year ago I was sitting at the roadside along with my fellows, eagerly waiting for someone to take me along. The guy who sold us, used to beat me whenever a new customer came by to buy one of us. It felt weird but fellows said that the sound was an indication to my cooling ability. I had always envied some of my fellow pots who had ravishing designs painted on them. But eventually I realized that it was not how we looked that mattered but how perfectly we did our job of cooling the Adam’s ale. Finally I got my family. I was chosen by a boy who came with his father. I still remember the first time when I was quenched and filled with water. I had never felt so complete. A feeling that I had been waiting for ages!

Earthen Pots

The starting days were cozy. As the summer approached, I enjoyed getting more attention. Every now and then, people came to me. I was an important part of my family. But as they say, change is only constant. The rainy season approached and as we headed towards winter, I lost myself. Laying in a corner of the backyard, I felt like I had no value then. People only care when they need something in return. I got depressed.

But as I said, change is only constant. I realized that it was not the people to find fault in, but myself. The main objective of my life was to provide cold water in summers and I served my purpose very well. Now it was time to change. I went through some modifications. It was painful but the best part was that pain was worth it. From an unused earthen pot laying in a corner, to becoming a flowerpot of eye pleasing marigold saplings, beautifully decorating the garden of my house. I started living once again! Along your journey you may come across several different situations, but what matters is how we cope up with them and how do we give our best in them.