March 2015 is the time that I will never forget how situations eventuated at that point in time that made me to take a bold decision leaving my full time employment to be an entrepreneur. A lot of WHY’s that I have to answer and felt this adrenaline rush thinking where my life is heading too, the thought of no full time job, no fortnight income and feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty. Twenty (20) years in growing with the organization and giving your all contributing positively, suddenly the life you lived comes to a stop. What to do next was in my head and never did I want to have another full time job but work for myself and be my own CEO. All I had was my experience, skills, strength, the positive attitude, the energy and ability to start something. I had my moments, but was very fortunate enough to be surrounded by positive friends, business associates and a wonderful family and partner that were there during my challenging times to rise above it all. I managed to pull through my emotions and start looking at opportunities and creating pathways for business activities. I was lucky enough to invest at a young age while working that also helped to progress with my entrepreneur journey.

Deep down within, I wanted to continue the love and passion for education and continue to help the young, empower less fortunate and make an impact in the rural villages with my charity activities. That is how the birth of Emstret Holdings Limited was established as the parent company with various business activities with the aim to serve with the heart. Under the parent company established Emstret training and Consultancy Services Limited and the charity arm known as Voices For Villages Foundation Inc. Lucky enough the network and the relationship built through trust over the years with business houses and colleagues has helped in a big way eventually got our first business to help with the startup of the business.

More collaboration with other agencies and business houses helped our not for profit foundation to build double classroom for Rilo Primary School, Babaka Village, supplying stationaries to less unfortunate kids in the village, helping unemployed youths, our medical mission providing free medical services to the rural villages both young and old and list goes on. One of the major projects for 2016 is building another double classroom for Kamali Primary School in Kamali Village, Rigo District. Also another milestone achieved is becoming an ISP and having to form partnership with Kacific Broadband Satellite is very exciting and we feel that it both the training programs and the Internet services will be the core of our business to provide affordable fast internet service, this partnership will be launched in September 2016 and our main focus are rural areas and schools.

For the last 2 years of been an entrepreneur, countless things happened and a lot has been achieved. I am thankful for taking that leap of faith that made me stronger, also having a supportive partner gives me more strength and elevates me within to rise and do great.

One of the best things about my life is having incredible people through the company both professional and personal life.

We are faced with challenges everyday but always determine to focus on the bigger picture staying focus and keep investing to build the business activities at the same time facilitate our Voices for Villages Foundation Inc to help the community we live in especially in the rural areas that lack training and development.

More importantly, connecting with our customers and giving them the best service with a heart turning them into advocate for our company at the same time encouraging volunteers to be part of our not for profit organisation.

Above all it’s the passion and commitment to make it work.

I am so excited and inspired to be part of the GES2016, Silicon Valley and look forward to every opportunity to network with partners, investors and other young entrepreneur just like myself. Hopefully we can find an investor or partners to be part of our exciting journey in Papua New Guinea. Thank you President Barrack Obama and the GES2016 Team for the support and confidence in the young entreprenuers.