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Hi. New platform. New post. New Year.

New paragraph. Hi again. Missed you too. I’m writing this 5 minutes to 10pm because I really want to know how well Medium works and how this’ll look to my beloved readers. Also, if I go to bed without seeing how it all looks, I’ll just stay up wondering so this is more for me than it is for you. Selfish. I know. What is Love if not our own personal interest persevering?

In the last post, I mentioned that Revue was dying. Well, Revue died and we lost everything. All the posts and all the memories. Quite tragic tbh but we move.

I’m just kidding. Revue did die but I managed to back everything up. I’ll figure out how to get everything someplace on the internet soon.

Medium has been great so far. I absolutely hate it. It represents everything I promised not to do when I decided to dump my thoughts on a random place on the internet and let the world read it. It’s like a beautiful combination of what I was doing on Notion and Revue. It makes everything look so good and professional. It makes all this looks so thought out and planned when it’s all just vibes. Always has and always will be.

It’s great we’re still together though. Three platforms now and you still read all the random words I type. Incredible. Read “this”. Now read “that”. You read “this” and “that” so you might as well read “this”. You’re still reading? Hilarious.

At least now, we’re on a more stable platform and we will not have to worry about logistics. It’s all good.

The title of this post is so ✨poetic✨. It represents everything this “thought dump”/blog is becoming. It was supposed to be low friction, low effort, just type, just share. Now I’m spending hours looking into new hosting platforms to make the life of my one reader easier. No longer low effort. Now more meaningful. I think that’s just the natural progression of “things”. Maybe this is growth. Learning from the discomfort and making it work. Not only because you want to but because maybe you owe it to yourself to make it work.

This is just a quick update anyways. An actual post might come soon. Maybe. Maybe not. Just lemme know how this looks on your end and if we’re happy with Medium.

P.S. I’ll import the subscriber list from Revue on here so you don’t have to sub again if you already have. If you haven’t subbed though and you genuinely think you’d like to read some more stuff you’re definitely free to join the conversation.💗



Every decision you've ever made in your life has led to you reading this right now.

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Vanilla Caleb

Every decision you've ever made in your life has led to you reading this right now.