Big Fat Indian Weddings and Suits Therein

Indian weddings are well known for their style, grandeur, magnificence and tradition. Several months or years of planning goes into the preparation of an Indian wedding. It is considered a very special part of the new couples’ lives. It is also considered a status symbol within the society. An Indian wedding can extend for several days with many rituals, festival-like celebration, dance, decorations, costumes and extravagant dinners. Around ten million weddings are celebrated in India every year out of which 80 percent are Hindu weddings. Rites and rituals may vary according to the region, religion, resources and personal preferences. The bride and groom are the centre of attraction in the wedding and being so they need to look their best.

The bride and groom wear expensive costumes on their wedding. Several days or even months of planning and shopping goes into choosing and purchasing of right costumes. There are a variety of Indian wedding suits for men and dresses for women to choose from. It is wrong to think that the only option an Indian groom has for wedding attire is sherwanis. Choice and taste for wedding attire has evolved a lot amongst Indians. Today, there are multiple choices of clothing available for wedding ceremonies.

However, choosing a particular attire for wedding is not at all an easy task since every groom would want to look their best on the wedding night and on the same time their attire has to complement the groom’s attire as well. They need to choose their attire very carefully along with accessories. Some options for Indian groom’s attire are as follows:

Sherwani — A sherwani is a long men’s coat-like garment which is heavily embroidered and worn over a kurta and a pyjama of contrasting colour.
Jodhpuri suits — It is a three piece ensemble of heavily embroidered jacket worn with a shirt and trouser. They are inspired by western suits.
Achkan — Also known as Bagal bandi, it is a knee length jacket paired with churidars i.e. tightly-fit trousers.
Kurta pyjama — A long knee-length loose shirt paired with trousers which can be loose or tight fitting churidar. The kurta are beautifully embroidered.
Western Suits — It is a western style Indian wedding suits for men. It can be two piece or three piece suit.

When choosing western suits it should be kept in mind that it is complementing the bride’s dress. There are a variety of fabrics that can be used to make a suit and can be‘made to measure’ or ‘bespoke’. Bespoke suits are handmade suits, tailored from scratch made to fit the wearer perfectly. However, made to measure suits are suits cut from a single piece of cloth usually by a machine using a base measurement. To order made to measure suits, the customer’s measurements are first taken and then a base pattern is selected that best corresponds with measurements. Unlike bespoke, that are traditionally hand-stitched, made to measure suits use both machine and hand sewing. They are made with latest trends and style. Made to measure suits are also known as personal tailoring.