Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits
Jack Conte

Why Pomplamoose spent so much: An answer and Analysis.

Update 12/11/15: NOTE —I realize I don’t have the greatest knowledge about how the American tax system works, so try not to make fun of me. :-) Also I think Pomplamoose is an amazing example of how to achieve success as an independent artist. They are doing a LOT of things right.


You probably saw Pomplamoose’s report of their profits and losses today and like me, your jaw dropped and you were shaking your head saying “Why, WHY?!!?”

You can read the report here: https://medium.com/@jackconte/pomplamoose-2014-tour-profits-67435851ba37

A number of friends shared the article in my Facebook feed and I realized I was not the only one who was so confused, distraught, and frustrated about it.

In reading (and re-reading) Pomplamoose’s giant profits and losses on my screen, I dug just a bit deeper,, piecing together bits of knowledge I had floating around in my brain and suddenly, “ah ha!” — the light bulb went off. I knew exactly why they spent so much money.

While the musician in me agrees with all the musicians thinking, “Yes, be frugal!” , the businessperson in me put it all together and thought, “ohhhhhh, what they did makes perfect sense, why they spent so effing much.”

My apologies for making such a long video. Wait. No I’m not.

My logical brain is satisfied. I can sleep at night now.

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