Two weeks from the first day that I started to learn how to make a website by python!

I followed the tutorial from Creating a Web App from Scrach using python flask and MySQL created by Jay. I give you the link to the tutorial:

At the moment, I have a full-time job as a PhD researcher in the domain of machine learing. The software that I use for work is Matlab. I know very little about Python, and database. However, I am really interesting in becoming a full stack developer after graduated. So in my free time, I learn how to make a website. This is about my impression after two weeks following this tutorial:

1/ This tutorial gives me a general view about how things work: the relation between Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS.

2/ It has 8 parts, a very good tutorial about creating a website with basical function like sign up, sign in. For the past two weeks, i managed to finish the 3rd tutorial. I am really confident right now :)).

3/ The instruction is very detail, a person with no experience like me does not have much difficult to follow the instruction.

3/ It has a few disadvantages. For example, some information in the code which is unique for each computer is not described. There are also some problem in the code that took me a few days to find out. But after that I understand the problem and i am really satisfy.

4/ The are side knowledge that you have to learn from other source, like MySQL, how to use the procedure in MySQL or how to create an offline server …

Conclusion, I think this tutorial is very practicing for people who wants to create a web application and wants to see the result of their learning. This is my very first blog. I will try to update my process in my next post.

Thank you for reading!!!