Google Summer of Code at OpenMRS

For a long time, I was intrested in Open Source but didn’t have much aware of the Summer of Code program and not able to make my proposal in GSoC’18. I wasn’t confirm of whether to take part or not in this program till the end of January’19. But, This time I have gone through many blogs regardings GSoC, had friend sugesstions and Finally made through ..

I have decided to participate in GSoC in February, went through the organization's page of Google Summer of Code. I was interested in contributing to an Android Project or in Spring since I am comfortable. Finally, I decided to work on Nigeria TeleMedicine App of OpenMRS ORG.

Gone through the Summer Of Code Page of Organization to know more about the project, org and expectations from students. Nigeria TeleMedicine is Android to be built from the beginning, so I started contributing to the OpenMRS Android Client Project after spending a lot of time going through the code and getting with it. The community here is very helpful we use OpenMRS talk where developers can post their questions about either about the project or ORG and we can help fellow developers answering.

Most Important one is Finally here. Gone through previous proposals of seniors, friends and online blogs how to write a proposal. Shared Draft proposal with the mentor through the Summer of Code website. As I am comfortable with Spring I have submitted proposal for Location Based Access Control Phase 2 too as my second option of the same org.

Continued contributing to the project, while busy with my Semester Exams. Its good to contribute to the project in between proposal submission and results announced.

Google announced the results of GSoC’19 on 6th May and I am delighted to share that I got Selected :). I got selected for the project which was my second option. Still Happy, Summer Sorted. I will be working on Location Based Access Control Phase 2 as my GSoC summer Project.

Senior Undergraduate in Computer Science at IIT(BHU) Varanasi

Senior Undergraduate in Computer Science at IIT(BHU) Varanasi