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· A Shift in How We Work
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A Shift In How We Work

Many of us who trained as graphic or industrial designers could never have envisioned a career in technology — and then suddenly, given the rare combination of timing, opportunity, and market, we find ourselves thrust into an industry that we’re not just new to but is also rapidly changing how all people work.

Our training is still suited for more traditional paths in the arts and design, instead of preparing us for industries that are rapidly changing and emerging. And as…

Hidden design in the iOS 7 cell signal dots

Status bars: iOS 6 (top), iOS 7 (bottom)

Fast Company just published a piece about the new cell signal strength dots in iOS 7. They examined how the new UI relates to a larger conflict between Ive and Forstall that had been brewing for years. Unfortunately it missed some of the more interesting ideas behind the change.

While it is a tiny detail, the change echoes some bigger themes at play in Apple design:

  • By creating a new standard for cell signal strength iconography, Apple has instantly made everything else (Android, Windows Phone, iOS 6) feel dated. Apple prides themselves on things like this.
  • Visually, having 1 or…

Willem Van Lancker

Designer & Entrepreneur. Co-founder @Oyster (now a part of @Google). Advisor @DesignerFund.

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