Not so long ago, I didn’t even want to leave my room. I would just go to school, come home, and go to sleep. That was my routine for a whole year.

I realized I was surrounding myself around negative people. So, what did I do?

I switched schools and got involved with sports and academic extracurriculars. I turned my life around for the better.

I could tell you the long story of how I got to where I am with myself today, but let me just just to the point.

Depression and anxiety doesn’t define us. It’s a part of us, but not all of us. It’s how we react to it that really defines us. Don’t let the fact that we have a so-called “mental illness” consume our lives. No. We need to be stronger than that. Live life like its meant to be lived: to the fullest of course! It’s okay to stay in and read a book, but every now and then go out and do something new. It will help, I promise!