Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Nothing makes a home feel put together like décor that is in style, but keeping up with the latest trends can be an expensive project, and unfortunately a lot of money can be wasted on expensive décor that quickly goes out of style. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by learning how to decorate on a tight budget, and relying heavily on your own creativity. Your home should reflect who you are, and your personality does not go out of style, the trick is knowing how to properly create and place décor that reflects your personality. Here are a few tips for decorating on a budget.

Shopping on a budget

First and foremost, you have to know how to shop. Stay away from the popular retail stores that over price décor, and focus on thrift stores that contain thousands of hidden treasures that can be turned into beautiful décor with little effort. Shopping at thrifts stores is not always successful, which is why Live Love DIY suggests going to thrift stores often. Search for items that can be repurposed, refinished, or turned into something new. Old candle sticks can be repainted and turned into picture frames or another unique piece of décor with a few additions. You will not regret shopping at thrift stores because while it might take a little more time and effort, you will save hundreds of dollars on décor. The only items you should be paying top dollar for are furniture and other items that need to be high quality and last, and that you can modernize over time.

Keeping an open mind

Sometimes it is difficult to keep an open mind, especially when turning thrift store items into beautiful décor takes a lot of time and effort, but the reward is great. Do not stress so much about making each piece of décor perfect to your eyes, because décor is constantly going in and out of style, and you do not want to regret spending time and money on pieces that are only going to be around for a few seasons. Always be ready to adjust your plan just in case you cannot find the materials you need to complete décor projects. It is easier to complete DIY projects if your mind is open to new ideas.

Clutter vs. collections

It is common to become carried away with decorating, especially when you are saving so much money completing DIY projects. It is important to stay focused, and not waste that money on pieces you do not need. Never buy anything that you does not have a clear place to reside in your home. Collecting items and cluttering up your shelves only leads to hoarding, so avoid trying to make room for items that you do not need, even if you are absolutely in love with those items.

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