Android Lint is deeply integrated into Android Studio. Issues that are reported will be highlighted either as warnings or errors.

Since Android Studio 3.0.0 the integration has gotten even better as we can quick-fix issues by pressing Alt + Enter.

This article is the first post of a series of personal book recommendations. I mainly write technical blogs here on Medium although the recommendations here will cover every aspect of life. Each time I’ll introduce you three books that I’ve read personally and enjoyed.


From the founders of Basecamp (ex…

Starting with the Android Gradle Plugin 3.1.0 you can apply Android Lint to Java / Kotlin modules.


It’s as simple as adding the dependency of the Android Gradle Plugin and applying the Lint Plugin.

buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
classpath ""
apply plugin: "java-library"
apply plugin…

ktlint is an anti-bikeshedding linter with built-in formatter for the Kotlin language. It’s open source, in active development and friendly to first time contributors. If you know Checkstyle it’s very familiar and specialises in formatting for Kotlin. Extending ktlint with your own custom rule is super straightforward.

As a matter…

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