New York Islanders-Enough is Enough!

Embarrassing!!! That is all I can say. As I am writing this blog, the Islanders are losing 4–0 after just the first period. It is seriously getting annoying watching them play and then having to explain why they keep losing games like today. They are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY PLAYERS! How can this type of play be allowed. I cannot blame Doug Weight because he is a relatively new coach and he has tried to change the attitudes of the players. If you have to blame someone, it’s the 18 players on the team and the General Manager. First the players. The players do not show up enough during the regular season. One game they decide to show up and the very next game they take the night off. They should all be embarrassed. I don’t even know how some of them still have NHL jobs. If you don’t have passion to play every night on a consistent basis, then you don’t deserve to play in the NHL. There are plenty of guys who are dying to play in this league and I’ll bet you they would be willing to work their butts off. Then we have the General Manager, Garth Snow. It’s honestly getting annoying complaining about this guy. I am completely surprised he still has a job. The Islanders have been having these show/no-show problems for years and Snow has done nothing about it. Part of the problem lies with the former majority owner Charles Wang who hired Snow. Snow was just an average backup goalie who decided to retire and for some unknown reason Charles Wang decided to make him the General Manager of the New York Islanders. Wang claimed he liked his personality and that he supposedly knew how to be a GM but that is a bunch of baloney. Charles Wang just wanted a lap dog as a General Manager; someone who would do whatever he wanted him to do. So we all have Charles Wang to thank for creating this mess. Thank the Lord he sold the team. Sadly though, we still have his incompetent General Manager to live with. By the end of the year, if the Islanders don’t make the playoffs, I hope the new owners show some guts and fire Snow. That will be the last hurdle we need to overcome to get rid of all the damage Charles Wang did to this franchise. Maybe with a new regime in place, the players will actually realize that playing like they do is not acceptable in the NHL. That there are consequences for playing like a Junior hockey player in the NHL. Perhaps then the Islanders will no longer be the laughing stock of the entire league. So Garth Snow, your continued employment as the General Manager of the Islanders rests in the hands of the team you assembled. You thought so highly of them that you chose not to get any additional help before the trading deadline ended. Live now with that decision. If the team ultimately fails and doesn’t make it into the playoffs, then you should be held accountable. You should meet the same fate that your buddy Jack Capuano did and fired from the team. There is only so much stupidity the NY Islander fan base will tolerate. Hopefully the new owners will realize that and fire Snow so that a competent GM can be hired to lead the team to the glory years again. He won’t have to be a Bill Torrey but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

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