[Holition] — BMW project mapping and innovative storytelling

One of Holition’s latest work — a projection mapping piece for BMW.

Watch the VIMEO video (shorter version).

Longer version (behind the scenes) VIMEO video.

Article in AV Interactive:

“The installation will be on show at BMW Welt in Munich, the BMW Brand Stores in Paris and Brussels and the BMW Driving Centre in Seoul until February 2017.

Based on the luxury and precision engineering embodied in the BMW 7 Series Sedan, BMW Experiential Marketing developed a completely new storytelling approach.

The aim of experiential marketing is to use innovative approaches and the latest technology to bring the essence of the BMW brand to life. The newest BMW Projection Mapping installation uses highly advanced projection methods to visualise the design process for the BMW 7 Series Sedan. Powerful projectors map perfectly-sized images onto a series model. From the first line drawing with the distinctive lines of the side profile, to clay model to 3D drawing, in the space of two minutes, visitors are able to follow the evolution of the BMW 7 Series — from idea to finished flagship. An additional screen provides further background information on the respective work phases.

BMW has deliberately located the installation away from showrooms. With installations at BMW Welt in Munich, the BMW Brand Stores in Paris and Brussels and the BMW Driving Centre in Seoul, the brand is making its presence felt in key cities. In this way, BMW seeks active dialogue with a cosmopolitan target audience.

BMW is collaborating on this project with London-based agency Holition. Technology experts for virtual and augmented reality tailored the projects to the BMW 7 Series, spending several weeks working out the details. Every pixel has to be perfectly positioned to fit the body’s design lines. Projection is unaffected by lighting conditions and full-quality images can even be mapped directly onto vehicle paint in daylight — an absolute first.”

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Holition’s portfolio on VIMEO.

Contact: Christopher Gomez, chris.gomez@holition.com

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