Colorful clouds Surmt CM535 light experience

Cool light colors and lighting effects, mechanical keyboard is a major feature. For Visual people, marquees, ripples and other dynamic and cool lighting effects is to show off the capital, coupled with the beautiful light color is better, of course. Lunatik iWatch Case

To say the most in line with this statement, that is by far the most-watched RGB axis keyboard. Support with RGB lights, there are already many switch keyboard to achieve a colorful color and a variety of lighting effects, are very cool, and the Visual to force, of course, price is very powerful. There are compromise approach, which is very cool, but value for money is very clear Surmt CM535. Lunatik iWatch cover

Surmt Cheng Meirui is a new company, but its design is quite interesting, as well as the quality requirements. Surmt CM535 is the first product, and is a very interesting day all the demons of steel, two flavors. In packaging design, the rendered image to highlight color backlight, must have attracted a lot of people are curious.

Detail the information on the back, and light patterns.

Although this image is primarily about multimedia keys function, but in fact have been the secret of its backlight. Surmt CM535 is a very interesting full backlit mechanical keyboard, which is not a common solid keyboard, keyboard nor noble RGB lights, LED lights arranged mix of different colors, forming a rainbow of transition effects.

Surmt CM535 a variety of parameters.

The new domestic manufacturers tend to use us axis axis to improve keyboard price, also depressed prices. Surmt CM535 Cherry axis is used, quality performance is of course no problem.

Packaging is to emphasize the variety of lighting mode. Surmt CM535 total 12 kinds of lighting patterns, and supports adjust brightness and speed, cool virtually complete.

In addition to the lighting effect beyond cool, Surmt CM535 in parts was very powerful. Surmt random CM535 is equipped with an oversized mouse mat, a plastic dust cover as well as a pulling device.

Surmt CM535 is a non-linear separation design, preparation of wire for the high-end line, gold-plated magnetic ring and is equipped with a screen and interface.

Surmt CM535 is a standard list of 104 keyboard, the whole black and white transparent character, serious and where there is no much to say.

Details of design. Surmt CM535 light design more interesting, three separate vertical bar has a more obvious presence and indication. Surmt CM535 f or set more than one multimedia keys, covering most of the day-to-day use of the environment.

Back is also a standard four foot and two foot design.

Surmt CM535 hat made of ABS, character for character design. Technology of key cap is top, show no defect and spraying excessive conditions.

Surmt CM535 Cherry axis, in feel and performance quality is naturally won’t have to worry about. But the reason may be due to CAP, cross pillar bite close enough, take time after they feel better. Large keys using a balance pole design, and obviously the lubrication process.

In terms of feel, Surmt CM535 is the standard plate red appears, feels crisp clean spring back and closure, there is a clear bottom feedback. Due to Cap reasons referred to above, of course, take time burning shaft, Surmt CM535 will have a better feel.

Of course provides is Surmt CM535 lighting effects. Surmt CM535 for full backlight design, a variety of lighting effects switch option. Even more interesting is that Surmt CM535 the backlight for color transition, that is, we often say the Rainbow or RGB. Such lighting design in some custom keyboard have appeared, and have similar mechanical keyboard parts to the lighting effect, but similar Surmt CM535 used in the mass production pad is really rare.

Surmt CM535 colorful light them up with a wealth of lighting styles, pretty cool, the Visual effect is also very good. Of course by adjusting the brightness and speed, said to be blind to the light too much. As a price of 499 full backlit keyboard Cherry axis, Surmt CM535 price/performance is very good, if you like this kind of lighting effects, was the best choice.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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