Going abroad you will need to bring this knowledge all over the world counterfeit

A machine in hand, hahaha. Lunatik iWatch frame

Counterfeit money is secured, hahaha.

///////////////////////说点正经事的分割线/////////////////////// Lunatik iWatch Case

Science and technology in development and social progress. Whether you like it or not, the dark side of counterfeit, also with the same speed, in advance. As increasingly wealthy in hand, for people wishing to travel, opening her eyes, challenging counterfeit foreign currency, it is impossible.

Once you have got, apart from strangers is completely out of luck, wailing I borrow a pair of eye, there can be other ways?

Verus d is a compact desktop security and protection system. It does this by detecting note Clarity c the unique physical and optical properties of the film, to judge the authenticity (specifically small make up does not preach, so professional!! )。 If you insert money and properties, and Verus d lit the red light and sound warning. Can currently detect 24 countries 78 bank note.

How, while testing all over the world almost meant, but always felt at ease many wow ~


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Originally published at tedcase.wordpress.com on July 29, 2016.

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