Highlight a lot closer look at Samsung VR Rink hand controller

VR glasses with hand controller seems to have become a consensus. Three of Oculus, HTC, Sony, Samsung is no exception. Samsung earlier forecast will be on display at the CES 2016 Rink controllers, let’s take a look at this Rink. Hello Kitty iPhone plus case

Sanda launched require handheld controllers, u-shaped Rink, you have to clip it on the Palm of your hand. This design has the advantage, that’s when it does not take a long time to be holding your hand, closer to the handedness of nature.

It is understood that the Rink and Gear VR glasses via Bluetooth connection, in the experience of VR applications as human hands. Rink also carries a magnetic field generator and equipment through the magnetic field strength to determine the position of the man’s two hands in space.

Worth mentioning is that the Rink also can know others palms open and clench. To accomplish this, Rink judged by an infrared LED sensor. Rink keys not Oculus Touch so much, after all, it is not a game exclusive accessories.

From the Oculus Touch to the Rink, we operate in a VR world one step closer to reality. To achieve the best results, we could use VR gloves. iphone 6 Plus Hello Kitty case

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Originally published at hermestyle.wordpress.com on January 10, 2016.

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