IPhone 6S can play electric guitar in the end what is the use

The voice of China each year, we will see a lot of street singers, bar singer, carrying a guitar to participate in the program. For those like the guitar for a singer and a good guitar was essential. Careful friends may find, whether on the street, or in the bar, in addition to necessary on guitar, they often also bring audio, microphone, music scores and sheet music. To tell the truth, to bring so many things really convenient. Today, Lei feng’s recommended music lovers network is to give you an intelligent electric guitar, in addition to the integration of design, it can be used with the iPhone.

Fusion Guitar, claiming to be the world’s first set of speakers, amplifiers and recording function intelligent electric guitar for iPhone integration, so that users anywhere can play more intelligently.

It looks like an ordinary guitar and there is no significant difference, xylophone neck of Maple and rosewood fretboard, while the guitar body by fiber composites, more shatter-resistant than traditional guitar. Light and compact design, lighter Fusion guitar, whether it is to go to the beach or a park, you can easily carry it shows.

Fusion guitar built-in audio system, no additional audio and microphone, you can automatically renders the best sound. Comes with two 30W Tymphany Peerless full frequency range speakers in Europe. Built in United States Class-D 20W amplifier sound is sent to the speaker quality, which combined to form the high audio system.

The electric guitar has a bright spot is that it sets up a mobile cabin, currently only supports iPhone (iPhone 6, 6S, 5, 5S, and iPod Touch Gen 5), and have access to Apple’s MFI certification license. Phone cabin on the side guitar, easy piano along with music. Givenchy iPhone 6 Case

Guitar and phone connections, users can access music APP, amplifier and modeling, sound effects and music, and so on. Mobile phone APP, users can get a lot of music from the Internet and tutorials for learning.

It has 8 track recording capability, users can share real-time collection of tunes to SoundCloud, Airdrop, or social networking site.

In addition, the Fusion electric guitar has a built-in 11.1V 3200mAh Li-Polymer battery, only charging for one hour, will be able to play 12 consecutive hours. This not only eliminates the troublesome wires, also do not need to find power outlets, and when the phone is in the guitar’s hand when the cabin, users can play the side for charging the mobile phone. Of course, if the battery is out of power, Fusion can be used like regular electric guitar plugged in.

At present this smart electric guitar is on Indiegogo to raise from people raised over 18 days, it has finished ahead of the target to 260%. Currently raising price of 399 dollars, to be raised after the end of its retail price will be $ 799.

For more cool intelligent hardware information, please pay attention to odd public number (woaiqiku), in odd public key, you can buy, and I’m not gonna tell you, register as a member of Lei feng still get super discount.

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Intelligent Fusion Guitar electric guitar Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

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Originally published at iphone6buzz.wordpress.com on January 30, 2016.

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