Qu Wang Zhengcheng how seriously do a smart guitar

Does not look like a smart intelligent hardware hardware

Intelligent hardware startups tends to make their products look very different, people would like to believe that intelligence seems always something peculiar. However, this guitar in front of Lei Feng network reporter, either observation or touch, and sales in the music’s kind of similar to the classical guitar. The open key on the front panel, if you are not careful, very easy to ignore. From the first impressions, this is a relatively elegant plain acoustic guitar work.

“This is how it should be, you can’t put the piano into a monster”, owner of this guitar GEEK smart, interesting music CEO Wang Zhengcheng, founder of science and technology said. In his view, not to highlight the ravening technology product design and functionality. “In order to make the guitar look like a graceful work of art, we do a lot of grinding, cleverly hidden features, and negates a lot of flashy designs in my eyes. ”

Fun music technology founder CEO Wang Zhengcheng

When meeting with Lei Feng network reporter, Wang Zhengcheng wearing short-sleeved shirts, neatly, walking quickly, he picked the guitar, simply played a few paragraphs. Speaking of products, Wang Cheng-sheng became words.

This guitar looks smart and is no mystery, but after the switch, guitar fretboard on the LED will lit on each product, and after supporting the Bluetooth in your mobile App to connect guitar enters the standby state.

Wang Zhengcheng says: “GEEK smart acoustic guitar is the world’s first iPhone connected with the guitar, can open up interesting technology trumps App: software community” play it “, there were 100,000 first guitar music and video, can be played directly. “And with sheet music, guitar on the corresponding location of the lights will light up, prompting players present and how this section should be pressing the strings and strum. Beginners can regulate the speed of music to suit your needs.

With a matching cell phone holder, one end in the edge of the front panel of the guitar and the other gripping the phone, just make up a complete form of intelligent acoustic guitar. Player depending on your level of proficiency, select speed of the metronome, or adjust the speed of music. Author notes that guitars lack of adsorption of a rack next to the site, to build such a large phone, looks a bit cramped on the space, which to a certain extent, affect the movement of pizzicato. Although Wang Zhengcheng play, Lei feng’s network reporter did not find he wrong phone, but for the friends who have OCD, may choose to put it on the table in front of the phone.

In addition, supporting the App can also implement the metronome and aided tuning function, by cell phone microphone can identify this string tone is low or high, called a fool-tunings. If the mixer interface speaking into a cell phone, even measures the tone you speak.

Matching App tuning interface

Funny Office of science and technology, the second floor, there are specialized areas, is used for recording guitar instructional video, by the fun music technology Music Studio Member, play original music man Yuan Yiming, the recording custom piano instructional video, as of press time, the video teaches Windows Live Essentials 32 episodes, also is continually growing. Among these, Lei feng’s reporter found a interesting little egg: while watching the instructional video, teacher played the model music videos, guitar top LED light is simultaneously lit, indicates the fingerings and pluck the strings of real time.

Serve the function of primary and secondary guitar enthusiasts, something more comprehensive, accessibility standards. As “seriously looking for solutions to learn guitar”. However for the advanced guitar aficionado, what smart guitar Geek can also provide this surprise?

For this problem, Wang Zhengcheng is immediately to out has he of answered: “some guitar higher order lovers came to I here, they on some function is interested in, like I of guitar can displayed Bruce scales, or Japan, and Arab style of syllables, and can query with a chords in different put bit of played way, these even is senior of guitar lovers also does not necessarily completely master of, is they need of. ”

Reporters found a harp guitar enthusiasts for more than 10 years, he met intelligent acoustic guitar Geek, he said: for a man who played the piano for many years, there was a very convenient place is, you can easily display a variety of scales, chords, understand the different scales and chords to music improvisation, as well as a variety of styles of music master. ”

When it comes to technology, Wang Zhengcheng told reporters that GEEK smart guitar the guitar case is, that the box is made from a single layer of wood cutting of, in the industry, a real good piano are used in veneer production. “In addition to cutting out this guitar instrument Assembly, some electrical components installation was done by craftsmen hand, many positions require, including Jean Shanks are hand polished. ”

You always have a friend who tried to install x does not remember ch Kenzo iPhone 6

Wang Zhengcheng, born in 1976, father is China’s first batch of entering a well-off man. So he remembers his childhood home had a wide variety of musical instruments, and even a piano. Under the influence of music-loving father, Wang Zhengcheng although not deliberately seeks teacher learning, and all kinds of music can be drilled. And Wang Zhengcheng really wanted to ask teachers to learn the piano, was in 2009, when he was already a successful entrepreneur, he created code technology already is a virtual reality technology provider with annual sales of 60 million. He found oriented adults of piano class very less, due to time relationship, he only reported has a children class, “these school of classroom are is cramped, and hot was, teacher and I are a Khan, experience very bad”, and most let he cannot stand of is, for a just on piano interested in, wants to smooth to play Shang several himself love tracks of adults, teacher also stressed must according to basics, first from basic Etude began, “I think art education also should personalized, Instead of the teacher has a absolute authority in such a method. “Quit Wang Zhengcheng began his piano class in collecting information on the Web and taught himself piano in his own way. “I found can also be practicing piano in his own way, and I found it by self-study learning network of people have a lot, Etudes are not the only way”, said Wang Zhengcheng.

2011, is interest Le established of that a years, Wang Zhengcheng left has since has hand created of in the depending on code, “because early investors of intervention, I became has small shareholders, investors wants to got company of decision right, addition in I inside, think although this is I and investors hand founded of enterprise, but I in here fun rarely, I of work power just this a pen pen business can money, but which I pay has too more hard. “Being in that year, Wang Zhengcheng’s father died,” I think that gave me a lot of his father’s death affected, I started to think, life is too short, I should live more free and no longer forcing yourself to do the things they do not like. In my limited time, I want to, do some business that really let me have fun. “He pursued a” fun “is the” original music “origin of science and technology. Wang Zhengcheng, said: “Beijing two word of company name registration is not down, but ‘ fun ‘ has passed the audit, I think the opportunities are particularly good. ”

From first of iOS hot App “Piano spectrum encyclopedia”, to “guitar spectrum encyclopedia”, to “play’s” music community, again to development himself of intelligent guitar and intelligent piano, Wang Zhengcheng can be described as go of is downwind times, “because zhiqian some funds accumulated, so we was intends to two years not profit, but at we of App installation volume beyond has I of is expected to, I was this money not earned white not earned, so on put software VIP of price mention up has. ‘ EBay ‘ profit in a year. ”

Anecdote when it comes to playing the guitar, Wang Zhengcheng, said: “I remember ch guitar, I know a lot of people, like me, you will want to pack x but can’t remember ch friends”, piano and he recalled his ordeal, that guitar is a market on your own Blue Ocean, he learned musical instruments summarizes a few pain points:

1 on the network teaching resources and players separation.

2 school cannot directly bomb bandwagon, according to the way the teacher, very boring.

Uneven quality of many guitar resources on the 3 network, obviously very easy to pop out the chords to be played with a complicated method, but beginners are not able to distinguish that kind of score is good, even if they do not know whether the music is they have a problem.

He feels that if you have a smart hardware to solve many pain points of the self-learning process, then this product is “fun” the next profit point. “But the industry is not like the car that for decades hundreds of mobile phone TV competition, can do intelligent musical instrument manufacturers in China are numbered, because his first quality guitar, such domestic manufacturers were less, can do well, and will be even less. ”

Team in more than half of the “music man”

“Interest in the music of the early members of the core team are Wang Zhengcheng in code, older employees who have worked for years, you were really tight.” Wang Zhengcheng, told reporters that “fun music staff, from code monkey to CEO to partner, with more than half of the people will be playing a musical instrument. “Wang Zhengcheng also attracted a lot of people similar to themselves: the unrestrained pursuit of life experience.

Co-founder Wang Zhengcheng, joy and fun Han Qixian

Han Qixian, eBay partner, had worked at the NetEase 2009 resignation of Beijing, went to the home on foot from the North Sea, along the piano writing, wrote a book, out of the album. He is also proficient in IC design, three dimensional models have a DIY 3D printer, intelligent guitar GEEK’s primary product was developed on his own. Music core technical experts team Fan Rui, used to work at the innovation and technology for many years, 08 she has written an open source music software, currently the most of notation software is code that stemmed from her. Wang Zhengcheng, with respect, and these “geeks” are very easy to work with, “my pain before, in the ‘ fun ‘ all gone. So our guitar called ‘ geek guitar “.

“This team with worked has 7 years, everyone each other are very familiar, Act style also very understand, on their of positioning and duties also very clear, internal friction almost no, we rarely talk, as long as simple Exchange everyone on can understand each other of mean, as long as buried worked on good, so we of efficiency is high, work zhihou everyone can home more spent some time accompany accompany family” and in leisure when, they of entertainment activities also not to dinner, but up in with piano singing.

“I’m a handyman in the teams, other people don’t want to do or can’t do it I’ll come,” Wang Zhengcheng added.

A far more difficult than for a handful of piano music

In interest Le technology of Headquarters, Lei Feng network reporter found has many put guitar prototype, design Shang are slightly has different, and in Shang generation of sample piano Shang, also has three a button, Wang Zhengcheng told reporter, this three a press was design intent is can remote control supporting of App program, but in this a version in the has was by deleting to has, piano body into has most classic of shape.

“This guitar looks so simple, in fact, technically, we have overcome a lot of difficulties” when it comes to intelligent guitar GEEK technical advantages, Wang Zhengcheng stressed. “The fingerboard of the guitar is integration. It appears to be no seams, in fact to hide beneath the fingerboard circuit, the technical team has done a lot of work. Because there are gaps between the lines and neck, the vibration of the strings cannot be absolutely preach to the resonator, affecting the sound quality, so in order to make these LED lights and circuits do not affect the timbre, we all material gap populate, so our music actually built much more difficult than for a handful of piano. ”

While maintenance costs are very high, but for product reliability, Wang Zhengcheng very confident: “my piano 3–10 years of normal use, there is no problem. “For the purposes of quality control, fun music guitar geek veneer factory in the North. For such reasons, Wang Zhengcheng, said: “though Guangdong has a low cost, but this guitar is very high with public art, we have to take control, so will sacrifice some profit, the product well. ”

To small-scale testing, intelligent guitar Geek has been raised in East Beijing, and will be available in June. Wang Zhengcheng also expressed satisfaction about the raised, he introduced the next Taobao, cat and the East, as well as offline channels, will be available for sale at the Geek intelligence acoustic guitar. Because getting the domestic famous piano manufacturer investment in Pearl River Piano, Pearl River Piano 4,000 sale stores across the country will see Geek smart guitar Geek smart piano figure, interesting music in the future will also introduce a low-end version of intelligent acoustic guitar and smart electric guitar.

We have no competition

Lift the domestic market, Wang Zhengcheng expresses several interesting points:

1 quantity of piano, America and Japan is family more than 20 units per hundred, only 2.5 units, guitars have larger in absolute terms, but China and roughly the same percentage. Kenzo cover iPhone 6

2 human nature is the same all over the world. Westerners working to earn money for the rest of time to better develop their hobby, and the Chinese are too busy, time off is to go to work better. Of course, this is a temporary phenomenon.

3 a lot of people install the QQ music, one of the most popular programs are also music talent, we really love the music, with the improvement of the Chinese quality of life, intelligent instrument of an outbreak may occur in the market.

“My smart guitar series is expected to sell more than 200,000 a year”, daily live music community of 200,000 + App “play it”, is one of important support released Wang Sheng Hao yan. In “play it”, has formed a relatively benign teaching electronic music, video, and the carrier community. So for intelligent acoustic guitar Geek, and no shortage of seed users. But the key point, play it 100,000 sheet music resources accumulated over the years and tens of thousands of video resources seamlessly with the guitar is the guitar Geek intelligence value. We have massive user resource will increase barriers to intelligent acoustic guitar Geek, because copying a ecosystem than copy a product much harder.

Turning to competitors, said Wang Zhengcheng, we have no competition in the industry, “I did a lot of market research, did not find any guitar makers have had cooperation and other similar enterprises. Of course, our core technology has been patented, if someone copied my product, there will be greater risk of patent, I would attach great importance to this matter. And intelligent guitar Geek ‘ play it ‘ community support, and brand, we will certainly be very beneficial in the competition. ”

Lei feng’s network found that while in the field of smart guitar have no competitors, but in the field of piano, Geek brand has some rivals to “The One a piano”. Rivals eBay COO Shao Hua said: “our relationship is not a competitor, since intelligent instrument’s market is big enough, and at the stage of development, we hope to work together to promote development of intelligent instrument market. ”

Many intelligent hardware, after facing fresh eating ash’s fate is left out, it has become the norm for intelligent hardware, while many of the instruments will become home furnishings. On this issue, Wang Zhengcheng, said: “I believe that my guitar will use rate is much higher than the traditional guitar, because it based on the craftsmanship of smarter, more fun. I certainly believes every violin has a love of his master, and have been using it. However, I could not prevent some harp eventually became the decoration or art, but all I can do is, even if it the piano becomes a piece of furniture, it is also a delightful piece of furniture. ”


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