Tizen 3 0 more significant updates to invade Chinese life

Tizen 3.0 update is called milestone? Samsung said to occupy China, refer to your home! iWatch Case

Tizen is next based on Linux and the Linux Foundation and the open source operating system that are available on Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and in-vehicle infotainment systems run on. Wei Feng network on September 21, a few days ago, Tizen last update to version 3.0 update, ushered in a new milestone. The funny thing is, the update includes some changes.

Mobile platform Tizen situation temporarily not optimistic

Most machines are already noted, Tizen from release to date, still did not have a huge impact on the market, even though the system has a lot of supporters, including the Korea Electronics giant Samsung. In fact, we can change our point of view, you will see that in the past few years, Tizen is one of many open source operating system based on Linux customization, realizes a leap-forward development, compared with systems including SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch, also from the KDE Plasma Mobile Mobile operating systems and so on.

As of right now, it is looking for alternative equipment manufacturers in the Android operating system, has a few options support Tizen, while the other part is still being assessed, to Android or iOS camp, after all, to preempt the user and market share of the task is too daunting. Software giant Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mobile OS is a stark example, puts the emphasis even Microsoft, initially supported by manufacturers, did not really take root.

Tizen 3.0 is a great update

Tizen operating systems at present a maximum of two types of devices are Samsung’s smart TV and watch, but this time Tizen of the major upgrade to the new version 3.0, and finally choose a unified design for a variety of devices. Reason with milestone because Tizen 3.0 is the first generic version in the history, have a common platform for development, build and test, a version that supports mobile devices, wearable devices, TVs and even most home appliances, automobiles or Internet device.

Tizen 3.0 all update features, the biggest upgrade is the added support for 64-bit computing, support for more powerful 64-bit hardware, hardware architecture selection gets larger, including Intel and ARM frame, and replace the x 11 server into the Wayland display server extensibility further enhanced.

”We are pleased to announce that TV and mobile platform-oriented Tizen 3.0 has ushered in a new milestone, this milestone brings new Tizen to developer kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystem, and a lot of Web/Native API in order to build for a future Tizen General equipment compatibility solutions, and Tizen 3.0 main characteristics of TV and mobile platform configuration. “Tizen team said.

In addition, Tizen official also said, based on 64-bit processor SoC pose Tizen 3.0 is still in testing, the new kernel will be upgraded to Linux Kernel version 4.1. Other updates include multi-user support, x server into Wayland,Webkit2 was replaced by Chromium-efl, common policy group management functionality has been added, safety and low power performance has been enhanced.

Specific update logging the following table:

More closer to China, home is Tizen invasion?

Soon zhiqian, fourth session Tizen developers Assembly in China held, but domestic of Internet Enterprise joint Samsung, and Intel, for has depth of Exchange and communication, Samsung electronic software Center Deputy President Li Xiaojian said, select in China held has two a aspects of reasons, a is current China developers many, market potential huge; II is open of Samsung Tizen has do full March China market of prepared!

This means that Samsung seems to be in the Chinese market for Tizen found a breach, not surprisingly, the domestic market will have more carrying Tizen operating system Internet products, such as televisions, refrigerators, sweeping machines and air conditioning equipment available. Samsung believes that with mature industrial chain advantage Tizen appears more in Chinese people’s life, rather than saturated Smartphone and tablet computer markets.

Samsung Tizen shouted slogan “Tizen, connect everything, we will be! “Samsung in China have no chance? We’ll see. X-DORIA iWatch Case

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