Top ten foreign media comment on useless products first you must agree

Typically, consumers in the purchase of a digital product there will always be a focus, such as delicate, high technology content, and so on, and most people would consider is, this product is not practical, it can realize how convenient, in other words, even a brimming with creative product to practical success.

Weifeng Web on October 20, a few days ago, selected foreign media PC Advisor review the ten most useful digital products, Samsung, Apple and other tech giants products also appear in this list, a look at it.

10. Amstrad E-mailer

Amstrad E-mailer is a built-in dial-up browsers, landline phones to send e-mail. Experience from the operation, use, and add email functionality in the landline was not a wise choice, each an email requires charging practices so that consumers feel that this product is not practical.

9. Xybernaut Poma Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

Xybernaut Poma should be one early wearable products, this product is running Windows CE system, although from the picture looks kind of cool, but the use of keyboards, monitors and other parts need to be worn on the body, apparently, this product sells for up to $ 1500 does not give people a pleasant experience.

8. Nokia n-gage

N-Gage Nokia launched a cell phone game, but due to restrictions by the Symbian operating system, hardware and gaming resources cannot meet the needs of users, this phone looks a little embarrassed. In addition, we found from the iOS and Android system, games for your cell phone and it looks like has nothing to do handheld game consoles.

7. NEC Pro Mobile 200

In the smart-phone market before, PDA handheld computer is a very popular type of digital products, such as NEC Pro Mobile running Windows CE system 200. However, the limited use of function and high market prices make it finally disappeared in the market.

6. Microsoft Mira

Microsoft Mira position from the beginning is a bit strange that Microsoft hopes this is equipped with a touch-screen products that enable remote access to your computer, but from experience and value terms, Mira has failed to win the hearts of consumers, and it became a failed piece of Microsoft’s exploration of the product form the road.

5. Sony Vaio Mouse Talk

Other than Microsoft Mira, Sony’s Vaio Mouse Talk to fail in the market, because it is a mouse can make Internet phone. Think, if you call with this mouse, how to control the cursor on the computer screen?

4. the Nintendo Virtual Boy

To play games through virtual reality, the concept of Nintendo Virtual Boy is very advanced, but because the technology is not mature, this product provides only a black and white image, and it’s easy to appear in the game dizzy. A pause to rest 15 minutes of the game, do you want them?

3. Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 Let us see this Korea bumps of the Giants in the field of smart watches, Gear 2 a feature-rich, but good enough shape, small Tizen OS system and support only part of the bad compatibility of Samsung Smartphone makes it failed to capture the market.

2. Apple Apple Watch Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus cases

Apple Watch here, might make you a little surprised. Foreign media PC Advisor believes that although Apple’s Smart Watch has become the mainstream products in the market, but its presence is not indispensable, because we can achieve most of its features with the iPhone, and not need to buy a day full of digital products.

1. NoPhone Zero

Make believe that NoPhone Zero gain first place in the top ten unwanted digital products is well deserved, even though it is not a true digital products. The plastic plate that sells for $ 10 is said to be addicted to using a mobile phone to bring comfort to the consumer.

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Originally published at on January 29, 2016.

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