Tobias van Schneider question from a fan of your writing: You write first on your personal blog and…
Andre Rodrigues Lopes

Hey Andre

So glad you’re liking my writing, and this is a great question! I honestly changed my strategy completely and don’t even post regularly on Medium anymore. I’ll try my best to summarize why:

  1. I’ve started building an audience on Medium, but within the last year I noticed that either algorithm or other design changes kept readers who followed me from finding my writing. Even though my subscriber count kept climbing, the actual amount of people who read my articles on Medium has decreased. I don’t know why, but there are probably many reasons, one of them is that Medium just grew a lot.
  2. Medium doesn’t let me see any more detailed statistics on my articles. The amount of analytics is too little to what I’m looking for.
  3. Medium promotes other pieces of content underneath my articles and doesn’t let me feature my own content.
  4. I found out that with many articles, I’m my own biggest referral. Meaning, I send people to my Medium articles via Twitter, my Email list, Facebook etc. — Nothing wrong with that, but it makes me wonder why I don’t design my own experience for it instead of sending people to other peoples content on Medium.
  5. I’m not a big fan of how you can browse someones archive on Medium. I like to own that experience. I really dislike the profile view on Medium.

I will still publish on Medium here and there, but only republish older articles that I’ve published on my blog first weeks before. (

I don’t have any strong feelings about Medium anymore, but I think it’s a waste of time to focus solely on building a readership in Medium, because eventually those readers will be taken away from you again. And unfortunately, there aren’t many tools available on Medium to stay in touch with your readers, Medium has yet to nail the feeling of connection & community.

I hope I could answer your question Andre

Stay awesome