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There’s a page I don’t see on portfolios as often as I’d like. When I do, it feels like a treat. I go through all the other pages on the site first. I scan the homepage, usually click straight to the About page, followed by a few case studies. Finally, dessert: The Playground page.

A Playground page is usually a scattered grid of half-finished projects, random ideas, experiments and rejected work we don’t typically get to see in a portfolio. It’s the place where no rules apply — the work doesn’t have to fit the brief, we don’t have to explain ourselves or our process, we don’t need to curate or prune. It’s the Playground page. Anything goes.

A Play page (here’s mine) tells me you love creating and experimenting outside of your paid job. It says you care about pushing yourself and thinking in new or different ways. This page can reveal a lot about a person.

In fact, if you’re feeling directionless about your career or your interests, turn to your Play page. This is the stuff you work on into the night, with no obligations. The stuff you created purely for fun or out of curiosity or a drive to get better. Maybe there’s a clue here for you. A thread you can follow to a new skill or career entirely.

The Playground page is low pressure. If you’re feeling intimidated about sharing your work, create a Play page. It’s an exercise in shipping, in not overthinking it and just putting it out there. Anyone visiting this page is not here to judge. They’re here to have fun.

I love scrolling through a digital designer’s portfolio, all web screens and user flows, then discovering a treasure trove of 3D work on their Playground page. I am delighted when I see a 3D designer’s portfolio and find their Playground page full of paintings. This is a page of dreams and ideas, still finding their footing.

If you need some inspiration for your Playground page, have a look at the Semplice showcase and enjoy some of the best portfolios you can find on the web.

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