Features of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Release Date ,Subiquity Installer GNOME 3.28

The CEO of of Ubuntu Distro , Mark Shuttleworth has announced about the Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark.. The new Ubuntu 18.04 will be a LTS release & will be called Bionic Beaver. The word beaver means a large, amphibian rodent which has sharp teeth & smooth fur. Bionic refers to the artificial body parts.

If you an Ubuntu user, then you can see the features of new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. If you are an Ubuntu user with a previous version i.e. LTS version, then you can perform an upgrade in your computer. But before that you can see the features of this new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver.

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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS arrives April 26, 2018, powered by Linux kernel 4.15

The release date of Ubuntu 18.04 has been announced & the date is very easy to predict. The Ubuntu 18.04 Release is on April 26th, 2018. By now, the builds are available for testing purposes

  1. Alpha 1 Release: 4th January
  2. Alpha 2 Release: 1st February
  3. Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze: 1st March
  4. Beta 1 Release: 8th March
  5. Final Beta Release: 5th April
  6. Final Freeze, Release Candidate: 19th April
  7. Final Ubuntu 18.04 release: 26th April

All of you know that the development process of Ubuntu Desktop is gone through the process written above. The dates mentioned above may be some different, but the release date will the same. These dates will provide you enough information about the next release & installation for your Ubuntu machine.