KDE neon 5.11 is Out with Latest Plasma Release — Download or Upgrade to use the New Features

In our Last post we have written about the KDE Plasma 5.11 desktop release. This new version was developed by KDE Developers. There were so many features for which we have written in the same post, you can read it from here.

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After some days after the release of Plasma 5.11 desktop , the developers of same name have released the new product i.e. KDE Neon 5.11.

This website is made by me to inform people about various linux release & other updates related to the Linux. You can check it , if you are also a person of interest in Linux technologies. While , this went on a little promotion.

Coming back to the Neon 5.11 release. It is a perfect OS for a KDE lover. The other reason to install the OS are lightweight , stable distro that can enhance the capabilities of KDE Plasma & look for further options.

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