Unexpected life lessons

Trips often teach us life lessons, which can be embraced forever. My recent trip to Alaknanda River in Uttarakhand has taught me a lot of things, which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I had embarked my journey to Uttarakhand with my friends who helped me create unforgettable memories. This trip took place from 14th September to 19th September. These six days have given me the opportunity to understand my environment, the relationship that I share with my friends and most importantly myself. During this trip I got a glimpse of who I really am and how can I improve, because life is all about accepting your flaws and improving them in order to become a better person. Unexpected things teach you the best lessons. It is funny how an unexpected thing like a stone can teach you so many things. I remember the moment when I saw a stone in the river.It looked like an ordinary stone but my instincts compelled me to pick the stone up. After a while the stone dried up. The stone’s beauty was almost magnetic. It completely mesmerized me. The lesson that I learned was that never to judge a thing by the first look. Give it some time, which will help in observing and appreciating the true beauty. The other important lesson that I learned was from the current that helped the river to flow. I learned from the current that moving on in life is essential. If we are cemented upon one incident and refuse to move on then we restrict our life experiences, we miss out on the other beautiful things that life has to offer.

. Trips always help in forming and strengthening relationships. This trip helped in strengthening the relationship that I had with my friends. These trips help one to recognize the friends that are going to support you during both your happy and sad times. I can confidently say that all my friends and of course my sister were there for me. They laughed at my stupidity and teased me, but at the same time supported me during my tough times. They did not show sympathy or pity towards me during my tough times, they encouraged me to do better. They did not sit and cry with me, they told me to get up and face the situation. One of my friend’s has also inspired me through the courage that he had displayed while facing any situation. Little things like these always help in the growth of an individual.

. In this trip I have tasted- sweet, bitter, sour and umami.


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