Vanshika Arora
Jul 19 · 1 min read

Tasks in Brief

  • Storing and Retrieving captions from Local Database
  • Implementing Search for Depictions Using Wikimedia APIs
  • Using Data-Client Library to perform the network Calls like Uploading Captions and Depictions [WIP]
  • Fixed Issues raised by Mentors and other community members

Link to Various Commits of the Work

The below links refer to this PR

Commit for Storing and retrieving captions from local database: adding captions to local database

Commit for Implementing Search for Depictions: added search for depicts

Fixed Issues: Fixed issue #3035, fixed issue #3033, fixed issue with project build, fixed issue #3044

Challenges faced in this period:

This period was primarily dedicated to the Bug fixes and transitioning from Wikimedia custom APIs to Data-Client library. Learning Retrofit and how to move from Custom APIs to Data-client library was the biggest milestone of this period.

Vanshika Arora

Written by

SDE Intern’19 @Microsoft | GSoC’19 @Wikimedia | Android Developer | Blogger at MindOrks | Open source Contributor | Username(Github &LinkedIn)— vanshikaarora

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