Style Yourself with Ethnic Footwear

Style, fashion, ethnicity, exclusiveness, stylishness and last but not the least comfort levels all incorporate to make the Punjabi jutties the ultimate footwear for men women and even children. Not any other handicraft has probably made this level of maximum impact as much as footwear goes, like the Punjabi jutties. Using their curved front design, the jutties have over time become an inseparable part of all middle class homes here.

Today, mojari and juttis are also being handcrafted in Punjab and have become the products for the beauty-buff girls and females as well as style-enthusiast boys and men. With online shopping in India taking firm roots, you can buy online the latest and best of Punjabi jutties without the problems at all. It is absolutely amazing to see what all embellishments you could have in an otherwise simple footwear. But this is just what the artisans from the north western state of Punjab have done.

The typical Punjabi jutti and mojari has rich applique work done on the top surface which is either a more superior form or pattern if it is males and also the same takes on a floral and more female design if the footwear imply for women.

When the basic design of the jutti has continued to be the same with the curved toe very much in place over the years, it’s design part where the maximum quantities of innovation has used. The craftsperson use soft foam at the base and a much more inexpensive material for the other footwear and this combo works very well, and the overall effect is mind throwing out.

The stylishness and class that is extended by Punjabi jutties is something that is unique. The impressive growth of online shopping in India has, if anything, only further managed to make increasing numbers of people buy online Punjabi jutti for Woman.

Usually, kolhapuri chappal for women are created using the finest quality materials, keeping into consideration that these are friendly for your soft feet and avoid cause any sort of harm. The attraction is the adornment of embroidery with golden and silver strings and stone and beads work. Some artisans also use the brocade work, mirror work, jute work and so on to make sure they are most-coveted for any occasion like wedding, birthday and many others. Therefore, these Indian ethnic kolhapuri chappals reflect the magical mixture of quality and beauty simultaneously.

The men’s mojaris feature the sharp extended point at front, which is curved upwards and express royal bravery. On the other hand, female’s mojaris usually come without back near to the ankle and reflect the feminine elegancy. There are also kid’s mojaris available in a plenty of mesmerizing designs, sizes and colors to choose from. Several Punjabi artisans are also handcrafting unadorned mojaris, which are well suited for daily use.

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