How to start with Infosec?

People always ask this question I want to start with information security but where do I begin should I go for CEH certification ?

Or should I attend ethical hacking classes or what can be the solution ?

First step .

Migrate to Linux

Understand concepts of Linux and networking concepts How computers interact with each others .

Then Understand the cycle of Information Security Pentesting .

No certification can get you into information security first you should start with open source security standards and then start developing .

Basically you can start with one programming language my preferred choice will be python .Which can be used for automation .

Start with open source security projects Which are Nmap ,Metasploit ,Tor ,Qubes OS and develop coding skills .

But suggestions will be to focus on developing standard code oriented approach rather dependent on tools .

Because tools dont work in real time.Because Information Security is so dynamic .

A small example when you need to port scan and you are not allowed to use nmap then you have to write your own port scanner using python .

Cyber is all about preparing for uncertain set of events .