When everyone wants to play a game of badminton, cricket or any game,my choice was “Lets Play The Game of Botnets”. People were laughing at me .It is fine with me .
Let me be very honest here I dont know what is botnet six months ago .
My journey to open source ,Cyber Security beyond class room started on 18 th september 2016 .
I was literally confused whether its worth to name it or not. When people hear about the Game of Botnet, people say Botnet Game ? But once you begin with cyber it is all cyber .”
Note : Its not a standard guide to follow, but these steps make possible enough for me to dissect during the journey of understanding of cyber security and also the problem of Botnet which I am trying to solve.
The current threats to cyber security are apt (advance persistent threat), ransomware and these are propagated through a network of infected machines called botnet.
Remember one out of 10 systems over the internet are part of some botnet .
“If you are beginner in Cyber Security then first thing you need to do is leave windows and migrate to linux If it is real security then it is linux.”
After that understanding how computers connect, communicate with each other over the network, what is three way TCP handshake, how they are connected over the internet and what are the different ports. As mentioned running a tool or double clicking is not cyber security, understanding your operating system and optimizing it according to your requirement is cyber security or you can say it a hack. Hack is not always bad thing,
sometimes it is optimizing present things in such a way where you are not following an orthodox method to get into it or understand it . Its normal way to log into windows through passwords but if you are using backtrack or kali linux or using network vulnerability to by pass login is optimization and people call this optimization a hack. Whatever you optimize
and do in a non-conventional way is called a hack. When it comes to information security research, I have classified myself that the first thing is to understand what is cyber, security, forensics and how we can apply machine learning to it.
Before getting to start cyber security is not classroom subject were only planned things happen it is so dynamic rules of game change always .
So I began with what is cyber attack and did visualize and now applying mathematics and machine learning to it. Taking an example of bot, it is a malware and number of bots together is botnet i.e. network of malware infected machine which is used for cyber security attack.
To understand botnet attacks I applied general purpose game theory and trying to deliver intelligence from it using machine learning .
Will continue with study of botnets in next posts ..