“ Do not disturb !”, Yelled the snail….

Photography by Vanshika Rastogi

Unusual rains are so amazing, Isn’t it? Especially the ones after the scorching sunny days and totally humid nights. My day began with the sprinkles of rain on my face as I was sleeping beside the balcony of my home and it was so mesmerizing to have a glimpse of those drenched trees and roads. Seeing the beautiful weather outside one can’t sit at home, the only thing which came to my mind was to go out and explore the weather. Soon we all were vagabonding!

Vintage grasslands

Sometimes bad images are good for best memories…

Whenever my parents decide to go for a ride during such weather, I am always “ Kabab ki haddi” to their romantic rides and the same happened this time too! Because for a traveler like me, rides can’t be missed. Drenched roads, drenched fields, drenched roofs, and so on, everything drenched. Then we decided to take the route beside the sugarcane fields and there I found something worth contemplating!

Those natural fences

There was a heavy thunderstorm a day before and it had destroyed a lot of trees and one of those baby trees was the tree which I witnessed! The broken stem of the tree was actually protecting the sugarcane crops by acting as a fence for them and yes, a natural one. May be yelling, “ So, what if I am ruined won’t let my friends suffer !”. Okay, let’s cut the crap! You guys might be thinking, “ Why did the snail yell?”So, to know this you need to wait a little more.

Nature for sale….

We finally decided to go to the nursery and get some plants for the terrace of our flat. How bizarre it is that nature which made us, and then pampered us all the time, is being sold in the market for a few bucks! However, the nursery was beautiful and a variety of plants and flowers were available there. If it was under my control, I would have stayed there forever, gazing at those beautiful plants.

Encounter with the snail!

So, the most awaited suspense of the story has to be revealed now! “Why did the snail yell?” Probing for the best plants for our terrace, I just saw a snail, it looked so captivating that the photographer within me wanted to capture it and I did the same with my “OPPO” smartphone! Believe me, the snail was too cooperative when I was capturing it from a distance that even those perfect models can’t be during their classy photoshoots.

Finally, the snail yelled!

When nature is so beautiful….

Now, I decided to do something creative yet affordable! I brought a leaf from somewhere and decided to get a shot by keeping it near the snail so that the snail may get on it assuming it to be a red carpet, maybe, and then I could click. How stupid of me, Isn’t it? Unfortunately, nothing like this happened, instead, the snail was so frightened that it got into the shell. Empathizing her thoughts , it seemed to me that the snail is yelling that, “ Why don’t you just mind your own business and stop disturbing me for no reason?”

Snails are the species that are often called garden pests and they are best in performing the reflex actions when touched or when they sense any danger. So, I might be a devil for that snail that time and it got into its shell within a second. At last, I would like to say,

“Don’t try to act smart in front of snails, they are even smarter!”



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