Reimagining Flight Experiences for Parents

Project Nova investigates how smartphones can aid parents who travel with their children on flights. This was part of a 5-week class project that focused on research methods and usability studies. This was a team project that included Nimeela Darpineni, Olga Khvan and myself. The area of focus was smartphone apps that are the least used. Our goals through this project were:

This is the story of the first week of the MHCI+D program at University of Washington called Immersion Studio where we were thrown in the (very) deep end to get a high level understanding of what Human Centered Design is all about.
In order to best narrate the iterative process and overall experience with this project, I’ve decided to walk you through what each of the 4 days were like, and how we got to our final concept.

Day 1 — Discover


After a brief introduction to the program, our cohort of 42 was split into teams of 3. My team included Andrew Lillie…

During my data, design, code class at Parsons School of Design with professor Justin Bakse, I worked on an assignment called Little Big Data. The brief was to:

Create a poster that features a visualization of at least 1000 separate pieces of data.

Working with large data sets by hand is time consuming, tedious, and error prone. Using data processing applications and custom code can make working with this kind of data much easier. In addition, these tools afford a level of experimentation and exploration that working by hand does not. We needed to work on this assignment by sourcing, collecting, or generating an interesting and large data set. In the end, we had to…

While working at BookMyShow (India’s leading entertainment ticket aggregator), I got a chance to explore my passion for writing. We usually sent out weekly product updates via release notes on the app store to let users know what the update had in store for them. These were usually very technical and dry, and not exciting to say the least.

We decided to take a different approach when writing these release notes as an experiment — one that communicated what the brand stands for. Why should we be so serious, when what we do is entertaining, fun, and totally filmy!


I am obsessed with typography. I often find myself looking at billboards and ads on the subway and recognizing the font being used. Some of my friends think I’m crazy when I randomly shout out “Oh look, that’s Futura Bold right there!” I also judge things based on type (don’t judge me!). But it’s true! If you want me to love your brand, you’ve got to make me love your design. The other day I walked right by a restaurant because their menu was set in Comic Sans! What?!

I like to think that I’m good with typography (yes, there’s…

All the characters of the show “The Middle” are actually one person — me (and maybe even you)

If you’ve ever sat on a roller coaster and also seen The Middle — I basically need to say no more. For those who haven’t, well, watching The Middle is pretty much like sitting on a rollercoaster. It starts with a slightly nerve wrecking walk up the stairs, to finally a seat after a long wait, to embark on an exhilarating ride — only to experience the unknown twist or 360 degree loop that gets your stomach to churn muscles that you…

Vanshika Swaika

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