Chat bubble :0

We can already message to a business just like we message a friend on their facebook page. The Q ? is can businesses message back just like your friend would ?

Sorry but NO — for now at least.

Now here’s what available :

  1. Structured messages
  2. Conversational ai — M , Tay (very hard to work in diverse domain)
  3. Human assistance

So 2 is gonna take time but its definitely gonna work and that’s when everything will change (lot to learn !)

1 alone is a shit show…

The challenge now is to figure out the best mix of all.

At last : its about messaging and getting stuff done in the same interface we interact with friends so the bar for businesses to come to the top of my chat feed and engage just like i do with my friends is pretty high.

P.S. Would love to hear your thoughts 👇👇

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