The Problem —

The problem _ :

There are so so many good businesses (consumer tech market) that sell the same thing. There’s just so much competition, everybody wants to reach to you & there is a cost for that.

So the general output — cut throat margins , nobody makes money. End of the story.

Everybody is fighting over the same things and hoping that they will beat the noise by their clever stints in couple years — discounts, marketing bla , bla , blah

You know what, Its not gonna work !

When you are in a super competitive market, Its well established that their is a product market fit & there is a supply and demand in place & the entry barrier becomes far less because now everybody see those filthy margins and want some of that.

With everybody having the same resources and same amount of money in bank(if not there is loads in the market — if you can win or believe, its not going anywhere) The only thing that can/ differentiate you from others is your story or how you tell your story, your culture & how much do you care about every customer , how transparent and authentic are you(reliable)… & loads of different shit. Maybe.

Now reliability is so much overrated >> It takes so much. It just has to work every fucking time !

So their are co.’s who don’t play the usual game, they spend their money smartly and give the margins to the customers in some way or the other & try to deliver a great experience. You know what — it fucking works in such a noisy market but their is a massive problem with that, NOBODY KNOWS THEM !

(Well nothing comparable to the actual market segment)

So is there a way for everybody (in hyper competitive market) to exist for a long long time ? Of course !

Look at the telecom co.’s , they have been around for decades and they are all doing good. How ? Each one is as fucked up as the other and their is no reason for the customer to choose one over the other

They keep on selling the same bullshit & I am gonna go with the one with cute puppy :D

On the customer side :

Everyone : Fuck off !

Who’s the new startup that is giving 200% cashback on these undies ?

We ain’t loyal and we don’t care.

P.S — these are great businesses until their comes 50 others with their own made up story about how they had this massive problem and started this. **Bullshit**

With so much cash available in the market & indeed its a good business and the market is so fucking huge (Just look at our population, Its 1.3 billion ) & every investor believes their portfolio co.’s will fuck their competitors. Another **bullshit**

Its such a cliche that “ Our competitors sucks, they are so uncool, they don’t have no style ” To that i say : good luck !

P.P.S — My view points are based on the Indian market & this is one of my shitty drafts. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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