Let’s help the Quantstamp Team by ranking the Proof of Caring

If the Quantstamp team has proved one thing, besides the ability to launch a technology that will benefit us crypto-investors by making smartcontracts safer, it’s that they are capable of creating and engaging a community in quite a different way.

Where teams behind recent Ico’s seemed to be merely interested in creating a buzz to make their Ico a success and try to prevent fraudsters through KYC processes, Quantstamp takes ‘getting the community involved’ to a whole other level. They are actually interested in having support of the community.

Their unique way is the ask the community to show a Proof of Care and not just a proof of willingness to stake your money for a quick flip or a longer term investment. The result: over 4.000 entries of motivated backers showing their support.

And while their community managers are coping with the crazy growth and demand, how about we, as a community, try to give them a break and help them decide on the quality of the proof of care delivered.

So here is my dare to you: post your POC in the comments and let others vote on them by clapping. Make sure you check the results of your colleagues as well and give them your support if you like them.