Every Human is a Universe

One diamond on the finger of time is an elephant in the human mind. A weightless whale swallows a single plankton with an M.D. in organic chemistry. Sunlight was mocked as a lower entity because it couldn’t breathe. The plankton couldn’t see the whale coming from the depths. Hungry and needing to take a breath, the Blue King lept from the depths. The white elephant- maniacally bound- on the precipice took no notice. Mammals rooted in breath don’t grow at the same speed. Death has no preference for making diamonds. Water flows, stars explode, elephants and whales erode with human bones. The universe implodes and exposes the prism of the mind. Diamonds turn to dust and create elephants and whales with Ph.D’s. Left behind in the breeze of time, diamonds degenerate into fingers of an elephant mind.

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