I’m not a giver or a taker.

I’m an ignorer.

Beautiful things doesn’t ask for attention. That’s how a wise woman says. That’s also what I believe in. I believe that attention is not asked, but earned. And, that’s why I’m very pleased to give no attention towards people who beg for it.

Example number one. Let’s say I’m walking by myself towards a mini mart down the road. One guy looks at me, then smiles. One guy calls me “Hey, beautiful.” in a pervert intonation. One guy waves at me and says hi.

The question is: What will I do?

I tell you what, even if the situation gives me a very uncomfortable feeling and as much as I want to punch every one of them in the face, I’m very pleased to say that I will continue to walk straight and ignore them gracefully without moving any muscle in my face.


The cat-calling culture in this country has gone bad pretty fast. They can easily call you without any motives, just to see what you will do to react from their actions. The more you react, the happier they get.

So, what I’m saying is IGNORE THEM
Don’t give any attention or reaction towards them. Don’t even talk back, smile, or move a muscle. Simply move on and ignore every single one of them.

If you talk back to them, what’s the difference between you both?

Ignoring them is the easiest way to show that you have a certain level of intelligence that makes you higher than them. The reason? If you’re highly educated, I don’t think you will do that to a girl. Or if you do, tell your daughter why you would do that to a girl.

I believe people with education won’t do those certain things. I believe people who graduate from any school learn about those moral in life. Or, if they don’t, maybe we should stop saying that people need to get education from school.

We should make a school where they teach what people should do when they reach a certain age. What documents they should prepare, how many languages there are in this world and why they should learn one of them, what city will suit best for people who love arts, or who love maths.

I think that’s what our people is lacking. We lack of those soft skills that are required in life to survive, to communicate, to bargain, to know what to do, to know when to do those.

Anyway, I’m not telling you that this is what you have to do from now on, but I’m telling you that you can do what I usually do when this situation happens.

Thank you for reading.

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